Redesign der Etiketten für das Weingut Albino Rocca

Corporate Design / Werbung/Print / Packaging

Wenn ein Redesign nicht nur gefällt, sondern sogar den Umsatz fördert – dann ist es gut. „The winelabel relaunch was a very delicate change for such an historical winery as we are. Although we were confident it was necessary in order to better highlight the name of our winery and to give a refresh to our image. The previous labels were used since 1970, and some customers were complaining about the idea of a redesign. Now it has been 5 years after the launch of the new labels, and we are so satisfied about the feedback. Many clients have underlined how the our winery and our brand is more visible on a shelf among many other bottles. You can recognize it : it’s a bottle of wine from Albino Rocca. The label is very elegant and very clear. All these aspects have helped to increase the sales of about 20%. Juliane and Torsten have immediately understood our needs, and they have created the label that fit perfectly for us, a more modern and elegant touch on our historical label. Amazing work! Thanks!“ Daniela Rocca, Weingut Albino Rocca, Barbaresco, Italien